Matthew Doll

Tower Web Platform

Fall 2011

An ongoing project to build a full featured open source web platform. Using my experience with Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and ExpressionEngine, I am working to create a new open source web platform that incorporates all of my favorite features. I am building it using the Zend Framework, jQuery and jQueryUI. It is designed to be modular and easily expanded with new features. It will soon feature social plugin to incorporate and share content from other sites. It will support multiple login types, from internal accounts, Facebook, Twitter and other sites. I also wrote several custom jQuery widgets for selecting images and a wysiwyg editor. This site and my project use this platform. View the source at github

Content Module

The Content Module provides a CMS (Content Management System) that is easy to customize. It provides the ability to create custom content sections. It has a preset templates like Pages, and Blog and you can customize them and hoow they are displayed without leaving the browser. It has full version control of changes so that you can track who and when makes changes to content.

Admin Module

This module allows for the configuration of the website. It's a rather simple module and can be replaced if you need to create a custom control panel for a client.