Matthew Doll

Hi There, I'm Matthew Doll

I like to research, discover, design, create, experiment, and build: architecture, websites, programs, computers/networks, photography and videos.

I recently graduated from the University of South Florida with my Master of Architecture degree. If there was no such thing as the real world, I would love to also get degrees in subjects like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Film/3d Graphics. I have a talent for figuring out how things work and solving problems. I enjoy seeing people being excited and empowered by technology


I graduated from the University of South Florida with my Master of Architecture degree in May 2011. For me it was great degree for learning how to harness my creative ideas and turn them in to physical creations. Take a look at the portfolios I created during my studies: Core Studios, Advanced Studios. For My Master Project (Thesis), I had the opportunity to research smart home technology and create my own system using Arduino based hardware, Java Desktop App and controlled by an Interactive Website. Read more about HomeNet in my Thesis Document (PDF)

Information Technology

I worked for the last 2 and a half years during my time at USF maintaining more than 100 computers in USF Student Government Computer Services Lab, one of the largest student run labs in Florida. I became skilled in the mass management of Windows based computers using Active Directory and Group Policy for managing permissions, Altiris Deployment Solution, for mass imaging and Pharos Systems, Signup and Uniprint to manage student accounts and printing. I helped write custom software to interface to the university's LDAP and Student ID card services. I also assisted in the research and implementation of a new printing system that should reduce SGCS's printing costs by 50%.

I have also done a variety of freelance IT work building and repairing computers. I have built 12+ computers, upgraded components and replaced laptop screens. I have also worked on upgrading office networks and servers.

For several years now I have fun putting all these skills to use by helping put on Overkill LAN, where overnight I build a network for a 100+ computers. There is nothing better than a roomful people having fun on computers.

Web Design

I am skilled in the latest web technologies like HTML5, Javascript, CSS and PHP 5. While I was working on my architecture degree, I worked for School of Architecture on several website projects, I helped revise the design of SACD website to improve navigation and built a site to track building the school visited. I also built a web survey for Professor Vikas Mehta's Public Space research.

Lately, I have been doing freelance web design work for several business. For example, I helped Rowe Architects Inc create a website that reflects their design philosophies. They were looking to create online portfolio to showcase their work and I created a custom site that exceeded their expectations.

I have been designing web sites since back in middle school ~1999, and quickly started learning how to create websites from scratch using HTML. By the time I started high school I knew PHP. My High School senior project was designing a complete content management system. It wasn't perfect, but I built several websites with it. It taught me a lot about how web applications work and good design patterns and why object oriented programming is so useful.

My current project is working to create a Modular CMS Platform. I got frustrated by the lack of Object Oriented Code in some of the major open source CMS's so I started writing my own system, based on Zend Framework. I worked on it as a side project through out college until my Master Project when I used it to build my website and now I continue to expand it as I work on new projects, like this site.

Current Side Projects

I like to keep busy by always have some side projects going. Here are some of my current things I'm working on

  • Tower Web Platform
  • Expanding my Project
  • Creating a Phones/Tablet App using Flex
  • Designing Open Source Hardware
  • Photography

For a complete look at my skills and work experience, take a look at my Resume